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Spar Tree Group Inc. aims to support the decision-making processes of the many and varied supplier and service providers that form the supply chain for the forest industry. 


We provide analysis, lobbying and strategic advice services to business owners, boards of directors, senior level executives, government leadership (First Nations, municipal, provincial and federal), regulatory agencies, trade associations and investors. 


David is a professional forester and a highly-regarded industry expert with over twenty-five years of experience within the forest sector. Recently David has served as the executive director of the Truck Loggers Association (TLA), advocating on behalf of the BC forest industry's supply chain. Before the TLA, David worked for ten years as a senior analyst for ERA Forest Products Research, focusing on the global forest products markets to advise institutional investors and governments. Based on his extensive knowledge of the forest products sector, David is inspired to help solve the many real-world problems facing this sector.


David has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Science in forestry from the University of British Columbia.



David Elstone, RPF

Managing Director


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