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Contractors  Network

Welcome to the Timber Harvesting Contractors Network (THCN) – for timber harvesting and forestry road building contractors in British Columbia. Since the beginning of time, networking has been done to learn about what is happening. In today’s data-driven world of analytics, networking can become transformed into a form of data-driven insights. 


The purpose of the THCN is to collect on-the-ground expectations via surveys from harvesting and road building contractors to create data-driven perspectives of the forest industry.  Input is aggregated and shared with the participants so that they may learn what their fellow contractors are thinking in order to test the views that influence their business plans. Participation in the THCN is exclusive to contractors who operate heavy equipment.


Having been intimately involved in understanding and representing timber harvesting and road building contractors for the last five years, I know the sensitivities that contractors have in sharing information. So here is my commitment to participants:

  1. Free – there are no fees for contributing to the THCN

  2. There is no hitch or gimmick – not trying to sell you something, unless you want to subscribe to the View To The Stump – but that’s separate

  3. Confidentiality - all participants are anonymous; there must be a minimum of 5 contributors per region (coast, north interior, south interior) in order for us to report on a region; and no single contributor will be included, if they capacity is 50% greater in size than the next largest contributor.  We will never share your individual input or identify your business without your expressed permission  

  4. Making more informed decisions - you can compare your input against the result of the network.  That way you can gain a better understanding of what your fellow contractors are thinking

Contractors are central to the forest industry supply chain, not only as the ones who harvest and build roads, but also the ones who buy equipment and hire services to keep their operations running.  Learnings gained from the THCN will be used in the View To The Stump newsletter.


If you are the owner or senior manager of a contracting business running heavy equipment you should be part of the THCN


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