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What Subscribers Are Saying About View From The Stump – November 2021 newsletter:

Major Licensee:

"Fantastic summary of the chaos that we are living through every working day.
I have got great feedback from all of the company people that I have shared your newsletter with."

Forest Management Consultant:

"I decided I’ll sign up just to see your notes on Bill 28 – I don’t have 6 hours to read it all!
…great stuff summarizing the Bill 28 changes – very helpful."

Industry Consultant:

"You really nailed all the changes going on in BC – you are right, there are so many changes in so little time."


"I have enjoyed the Stump and other perspectives on forestry in BC you’ve provided recently, thank you."

Log Broker:

"Thank you David. We love your publication and voice in the industry."

Forest Products Company:

"I want to support your great newsletter. How do I subscribe and help?"

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